Youth Alive Foundation appreciates youths as producers, contributors, creators and leaders. We believe that if duly empowered youths can impact their own development and the country as a whole, our programs therefore reflect this focus.



The vision of Youth Alive Foundation is to play a part in facilitating a just, equitable and progressive society in which young people can have access to social and economic opportunities and protect their basic human and political rights.


Mission Statement

To redefine the role and contribution of Nigerian youths in the governance and development processes in the country. We do this by creating interventions that will empower young people through informed, innovative and value driven programs for personal, community and national development.


We believe that technology can and should be deployed as a tool for social change and we’ve shown our ability to do that thrugh our programs thus far

Youth Policy

We’ve been advocating for youth policies that relevant, practical, susteinable and achievable towards creating a better life for Nigerian youths.


One key area for us is advocating for youth participation in governance and national development.

Our effective campaigns on diverse youth causes
  • No shihsi for bribe
  • Youth Participation against curruption
  • Your excellency game
  • Youth against sexual violence
  • 10%4Youth
Our Campaigns