On Saturday 9th February 2019 Youth Alive Foundation Uyo in partnership with Inspiration FM Uyo and other bodies in Akwa Ibom State organized a fitness walk. Primarily aimed at advocating and creating awareness for a peaceful 2019 elections, the 10kilometer walk featured youths from different parts of the city. The walk tagged “Walk for Peaceful Elections” served as a medium for informing all political parties and stakeholders in the state to embrace the gains of credible and peaceful elections. YAF stressed the need for citizens to shun election violence and other malpractices, bringing to fore the importance of asking aspiring political office holders the right questions. Motivated by the assorted contemporary and hippy music, participants in the walk stopped at strategic locations to address the onlookers and others in attendance.

At least 1000 people were reached through the course of the walk not to mention the 200 persons who came geared up in their sporty attires with the same motive of bringing awareness to the negatives of subverting democracy and disrupting the peace of the state.

YAF is at the frontiers of charging youths to tread a fruitful path while we anticipate a peaceful 2019 General elections. As against the unhealthy vice of violence and other forms of malpractices, those who turned up for the walk truly desire to make a difference. Like Youth Alive Foundation, they join voices with Inspiration FM in upholding the vision of a corrupt free Nigeria where electoral transparency and accountability in Governance will take full course.

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