Youth Alive Foundation has made tremendous progress on the SHE campaign (Sexual Harassment in Higher Education). Carrying out a baseline survey to understand the prevalence of the #Sex4Grades issue is very important. It is with respect to this that YAF on Friday 7th June 2019 took to training Enumerators for the survey.  Nasarawa State University is one of the Universities taken for the survey. The questionnaires for the survey is to be sent to 90% female & 10% male in the university of Nassarawa state. During the training Different approaches were discussed on how to get students to respond to the questionnaires such that they would be willing to share their story. Trainees were instructed to assure the students that they will remain anonymous on the answers provided to the questionnaires. Focus should also be drawn towards people with disability to tell their stories. It was also pointed out that to the enumerators avoid been judgmental, wearing friendly facial and body expression so that the students will be comfortable sharing their story. Role play exercises were carried out to ensure that the enumerators understood their role in the survey exercise. This was followed with corrections. The survey will serve as a baseline for the project. At the end of the training, a Review of the Survey Questionnaire was carried out. The students were equipped with all the information. In return, the students expressed their willing to conduct the Survey accordingly. Victims of Sexual and Gender based violence need to be protected, their stories need to be heard, and proper advocacy needs to be carried out to tackle the prevalence of the problem. Grievance mechanism and prosecution should take place in line with supportive legal structures. These and more are what the SHE campaign seeks to address.  It will go a long way in making the country a safe place for both females and youth in general to thrive with defense of their fundamental human rights. This in turn will lead to a country based development which is a driving vision at YAF. 




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