In Consolidating on YAF commitment to inclusive programing YAF met with PWDs (Persons with Disability) in the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic who are willing to establish an association to aid them speak with a unified voice against discrimination of PWDs. The students with support from YAF will be proceeding to their Dean of Students Affairs with a letter to this effect.

SITI- Strengthening Integrity in Tertiary Institution in Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic leveraged on the celebration of the institution’s 2019 students week to sensitize the teeming students on the Y-PAC project, SHE campaign and the SITI movement. The sensitization was enacted through a short drama presentation. SITI through the play stressed the need for students to exam malpractice, sex in exchange for grades and other acts that negates the values of integrity.

The Y-PAC project has progressively strengthened youths through behavioural change communication, support on youth focused organizations and government structures with the aim of driving impact in 5 years. Youths and citizens alike can boast of a country where everyone contributes to personal, community and nationwide development that matches anti-corruption fight with integrity and accountability.

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