Youth Alive foundation was delighted to play host to three parliamentarians from the National Youth Parliament. In the pursuit of an already existing relationship that commenced last year during the inauguration of the 4th Assembly, the parliament have been identified as a key stakeholder in the fight against corruption. This stand is not just in the fact that the body are a youth wing of the legislature but also because they have provisions for projects which keeps in tune with the strengthening Youth Participation against corruption (Y-PAC) project.

After a brief introduction by members of staff present namely: Peace Eno, Aaron Akpu Philip, Wisdom Hanson and Bright Umoren, the Parliamentarians introduced themselves.In attendance were: The speaker of the 4th Assembly- Mubarack Mijimyawa, Najab Waziri and Grace Bassey both members.While Aaron was able to highlight the ACORN (Anti-corruption in Nigeria) project, the Y-PAC project, successes and more, Peace spoke through specific Interventions while also drawing out tacit platforms for partnership to the parliamentarians.During the meeting the representatives from the Youth Parliament identified three Interventions areas in the Y-PAC project which they plan to key into.Members of staff addressed questions from the house members largely on the nature of the partnership, their contributions and clarity. We look forward to a robust and healthy amplification of the behavioral change project which has been scaled up over the past one year.

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