YAF Inaugurates 8 Integrity Clubs in Lagos

Youth Alive Foundation in partnership with ICPC inaugurated eight (8) integrity clubs on Weds 26th June 2019. Eight schools were inaugurated. Mr Jide a programs officer at Youth Alive Foundation began by welcoming participants and apologizing for starting late. The program officially opened with the second stanza of the national anthem, which was then followed by the introduction and recognition of schools, the facilitator then introduced guest to the high table. The high table which consisted of two representatives from ICPC, One representative from YAF, one representative from Ministry of Education and the host principal.

 Mr Tope Egunjobi who spoke on behalf of the ICPC chairman clearly stated the vision behind creating integrity clubs and some of the efforts of ICPC to fight corruption and educate Nigerians on the need to choose a path of integrity, He congratulated the students and charged them to be advocates of integrity in their everyday life, He also advised teachers to continue to focus on the 12 national values, these values should guide them as they inspire the students anti-corruption clubs. Mr Chamberlain who spoke on behalf of YAF welcomed participants and reiterated the YAF vision/mission, he cleared outlined our goals in Epe and appreciated all stakeholders for their inputs at making the event a success.The Ministry of Education Representative advised the students to be on their best behavior as integrity is a very critical value in building future leaders, she also made the student repeat the slogan “Shun Corruption, It is evil and Stand for integrity” Mrs Omonoyo then made a very detailed presentation on modalities of the Student Anti-corruption Clubs, her session ended amidst excitement and laughter as she taught the student the ICPC song, I have decided to fight corruption… She then continued into a very engaging session with the participants, she delivered a powerful lecture titled “Fight For Four Dreams, Fight For Your future”. She highlighted the cost of corruption and how it affects us in our everyday lives. The Students also participated in the event as they shared their perspectives on corruption and also defined integrity and mentioned their different role models, It was interesting to know that one of the students had his teacher as his role, the students also stated how much they had learnt from the event and how excited they were about the event, the teachers were also given an opportunity to share feedback, the teachers made commitments to work closely with the team after the exams which is forthcoming. Banners were presented to the schools, operational guide, literature and before the program came to an end, the host principal gave an appreciation message, He charged the ICPC to stay close and ensure that the clubs continue to operate according to guidelines. A post event meeting was scheduled with corps members and teachers, corps members of the anti-corruption CDS were then assigned to the different schools, Corps members were briefed on how to maintain a working relationship with the schools. Corps members were also trained briefly on what YAF Lagos is expecting from the CDS group. The meeting came to an end amidst photograph, refreshment, re-reimbursements before departure.Inaugurating Integrity Clubs is a part of The Y-PAC project which has progressively strengthened youths through behavioral change communication, support on youth focused organizations and government structures with the aim of driving impact in 5 years. Youths and citizens alike can boast of a country where everyone contributes to personal, community and nationwide development that matches anti-corruption fight with integrity and accountability.

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