The Nigerian Social Contract Initiative- NaWeBEGovernment.

“The Nigerian Social Contract Initiative, loosely translated as NaWeBeGovernment, is an initiative of the Omudodu Youths Foundation, a.k.a. OurMumuDonDo Movement, designed to enlighten the citizens about Nigeria’s democratic process as well as transfer the ownership of the democratic process to the citizens thereby enabling them to engender accountable democracy.”

Charles Oputa popularly known Charly boy pointed out that Social Contract Initiative would improve citizens’ participation in the democratic process, as well as increase the trust of the electorate in Nigeria’s electoral process.

He stressed that the Initiative is in line with the 2019 elections, and is proposed as a model for reviewing and determining the commitment of politicians and political parties in the Nigerian polity.

“Our Movement, with support from the Ford Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) (Youth Alive Foundation) embarked on opinion surveys across the country using questionnaires, and also through town hall engagement, to gather information on the knowledge of the social contract among citizens.

“When we started the Nigerian Social Contract Initiative in June 2018, we realized that there was insufficient information on youth and citizens’ knowledge and engagement with the social contract as a tool for promoting good governance in Nigeria.

“This propelled us to conduct a survey to obtain baseline information about citizens’ knowledge of social contract and their level of engagement with government, using available spaces and legal frameworks, to demand accountability and good governance.”

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