The negative effects of corruption cannot be overstretched. The major sufferers/stakeholders of these effects are young people. However, many young people have become demoralized in rising up against this cancer (corruption). Sadly, the effects as seen in Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and unemployment is cruel enough to mute our very vibrant youth force.

Notably, the Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) and ICPC Nigeria partnership has recorded tremendous impact in the fight againts corruption. The partnership has amplified the voices of young people and built their capacity to contribute to the fight against corruption. The partnership has led to the suspension of some lecturers who have demanded for money or sex for grades from students. Also, through the Integrity clubs, young students in secondary schools now freely speak about integrity. The impact list is inexhaustible.

It was on this premise that YAF/Y-PAC partners and @icpcnigeria visited NYSC orientation camps in Rivers, Abuja, Kano, Akwa Ibom and Lagos states to sensitize corp members into signing up as advocates in the “Strengthening Youth Participation Against Corruption (Y-PAC) project.

It was humbling to speak to corp members in the Abuja Orientation camp on the significance of joining the anti-corruption fight.

In simple terms, I noted to the corp members “If you do not join the fight against corruption, YOU ARE WRONG”.

Winning the fight against corruption will translate to better healthcare, education, infrastructure, employment opportunities. Join today and let’s Make A Difference Against Corruption Today (MadACT). It begins with you and in your space.

The fight against corruption is a collective one, join the movement, make a difference against corruption today. Click to Sign up or call 0818-22222-58 to report corruption.

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