From Rivers State

Social Development Integrated Centre a civic society organization in the Y-PAC frontiers on the 30th of October 2018

and Civil Rights Council had two engagements with two police station. Both stations located at Rumuepirikom (Kala)

and Rumueme (Agip) respectively were consulted as part of the ongoing campaign on Law enforcement agents

to join the #NoShishi4Bribe campaign. 

The NoShishi4Bribe campaign is a nationwide initiative of the Y-PAC (Youth Participation Against corruption Project)

to curb bribery in public and private places. Primarily championed with the use of zero Naira currency the campaign

has a broad spectrum of stakeholders of which the police force is a composite part.  This is happening at a time when

the KAPB survey (Knowledge Attitude and Practiced behaivour ) among citizens reveals that the police is at the top of bribery defaulters

Mr Prince (Programs Lead; SDIC) in his response to the police on the KABP survey assured the officers and men

that the project will engage the police service commission to ensure better working condition of the men in service,

as a strategy to eliminate corruption in Nigeria which is core to the Y-PAC intervention of promoting accountability,

integrity and good governance in strategic sectors.

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