REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP: 002 Call for Proposals for the Development of a Digital Mobile Game

Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) is a Non-Governmental organization based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. YAF’s mission is to play a significant role in facilitating a just, equitable and fair society where all youths will have access to social, economic and political opportunities. YAF campaigns for youth policies that are relevant and sustainable such as promoting education that prepares well for available jobs, developing capacity of youths for self-reliance, working with governments to engage the young and the unemployed, promoting gender integration in youth trainings, decision making and education. We work closely with the state and local governments, non-governmental organizations and community based organizations to increase its effectiveness in working with young people. We also seek to redefine the role and contribution of the Nigerian youth in the governance and development processes in the country.

 The goal of the project for which proposals are being sought is the strengthening of youth participation in governance through digital gaming. The project is supported by the Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) Project’s Innovation and Spread the Word Fund (ISWF), funded by USAID. YAF is proposing to use the media that youths are familiar and comfortable with like a Game App to make governance interesting and ‘cool’ for youths in an innovative way. The game is targeted towards educating the youths on government: the structures, processes and activities by having them role play as a governor and highlights the role of active citizens in improving governance, engaging government and bringing about social change.


YAF is therefore pleased to provide this call for proposals to Digital Game Development Organizations/firms.


  • Applicant organizations must be a registered Nigerian corporate entity.
  • Applicant organizations must be able to demonstrate successful past performance in implementing gaming projects.
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