Pushed to the wall.

I am not in any way in support of raising a finger at a woman. 

I consider it barbaric. In fact, only a mentally disabled man will beat and beat his wife at the slightest provocation. Having said the above, and with a thread on Nairaland about her friend that was always receiving the beating of her life from her husband, the story of my step brother came to my mind. Before my brother got married, he was this gentle, quiet, caring, loving and hard working type. He got married to this beautiful and also easy going lady. We were all happy about the union and expecting a kind of union that will be a model for us his younger ones.

There was this evening we received an unusual call from the wife saying my brother has been giving her the beating of her life since morning. 

That he has nearly killed her. Immediately she dropped the call, her mum called again that if anything should happen to her daughter that my mum and the whole family would be responsible and in for it. 

Her younger sister called again, calling my brother unprintable names and giving different kinds of warnings, if anything should happen to her sister.This destabilized us in the house. We were confused. Nobody has ever reported my brother in the house before, hence it was strange.We called my brother but he didn’t even pick.To cut the long story short, my brother eventually came home after three days to actually explain what happened.

He said since he got married to the popularly believed gentle, innocent girl, it has been horror for him.He said he has been trying to protect that good quality popularly believed by the family,and that was the reason why he has not reported her newly discovered characters to anyone and was hoping that she would change sooner .

He said for the past two years, that his wife slapped or beat him on the slightest provocation.He showed us old and new wounds all over his body.He said he has been enduring it all these while. He further said he noticed his wife was becoming stronger and happy with her actions because every time she would introduce new styles of beating him. 

He said on this faithful day, there was an argument and before he could say one or two words, one, two slaps don land gidigba for his face. She didn’t stop there, but went further to use her high heel shoes on him. Not yet done she went further to bite him severally (the hand bite almost resulted in Whitlow).We saw with our eyes all the injuries inflicted on him. 

In fact, my younger brother had to ask him if his legs and hands were tied together while all these were going on. He said he was just smiling and trying to hold her together .After all these, he said he had to talked to himself: 

For how long would these continue? He said his wife was doing all these just because she knows his position towards beating a lady, and before they got married he had one time or the other condemned men that do beat their wives and even called them animals. The wife having realized this, was now doing the beating and expecting the husband to keep to his words and be strong in his conviction.

He said on this particular day, when his wife had finished doing her worst, he went to her (not in anger but intentionally) and told her that what he was about to do is necessary at this point. That he wanted to prove one thing, which is, not that he doesn’t have the power to beat but he has vowed not to in his life and seeing the type of woman she is, he has to prove this point today. 

He first begged for forgiveness from God and her, and then, immediately, he landed two hot slaps on her face which caught her unawares and her jaw dropped. Immediately he did this, she went straight to pick up her phone and started calling her relatives and telling them lies that he has nearly finished her with beating.

In this case, what is your judgement? I just finished reading this kooky experience on Nairaland, and all I see is…

“People taking lenience for weakness” Personally, I hate been pushed to the wall.

I so hate it like I detest gbegiri soup.

From A Reader of this blog.

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