Youth Participation Against Corruption (Y-PAC)

Y-PAC seeks to strengthen youths’ participation in the fight against corruption by engaging youths to become effective and active advocates in the fight against corruption.

The National Population Commission (NPoC, 2013) states that about half of the population is made up of youth, defined as individuals between 15 to 35 years of age. In addition to representing a significant part of the population, young people tend to be more exposed to bribery and therefore particularly vulnerable to corruption, as they are involved in almost every aspect of society – as students, pupils, workers, customers and citizens. (Transparency International)

Against this backdrop, youth can play a pivotal role in the fight against corruption. They tend to be more open to wide-scale socio-political transformation and have less vested interested in maintaining the status quo (Transparency International 2009). Young people are an integral element for the success of a cultural change in attitudes and behaviour towards corruption and in the shaping of the values of tomorrow, since they represent the future of their countries. Youths are the future leaders and are key to winning anticorruption fight. Corruption is a lethal menace in our society, therefore, the culture of integrity, transparency, accountability, service delivery and good governance must be imbibed by our youths to pull the nation out of the ills of corruption.

Apathy reigns in the country and youths are not inclined to take part in political activities. That in part determines the corruption that has permeated the entire society, including the higher institutions of learning.  Corruption ultimately thrives when an apathetic people, fail to police their government properly. In the fight against corruption in Nigeria, Youths are noticeably absent. History demonstrates that when young people rise up to fight an unjust and corrupt system change happens. 

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