Bribery has become a way of life in Nigeria, but the consequences of bribery is devastating and can cost lives. Whether demanding a public service or simply commuting on the Nigerian roads, bribery is the order of the day.

The survey on Corruption in Nigeria carried out by National Bureau of Statistics with support from UNODC proves this. According to the survey:

Total number of bribes paid to public officials in Nigeria in 12 months is 82 Million NairaTotal amount paid in cash bribes to public officials in Nigeria in one year – NGN 402 billion And the age group with highest prevalence of bribery 25-34 years (36.4 per cent).

This is alarming and if youths, leaders of tomorrow have imbibed this practice then the future for Nigeria is scary.

That is why Youth Alive Foundation and a consortia of civil society partners have launched the Zero Naira Campaign aimed at reducing the prevalence of bribery in Nigeria tagged #NoShishi4Bribe.

Zero Naira looks like a currency and will enable citizens to confidently resist bribery. A symbolism to instill confidence in citizens to say #NoShishi4Bribe. A tool for mindset reorientation aimed at behavior change.

Join the National Anti-Bribery Campaign TODAY and say #NoShishi4Bribe

Report a bribe, Call or Text 0818-22222-58, or email [email protected] or at

DISCLAIMER: This is just a flyer meant to pass information in a tangible way and inspire others to do same.

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