Everybody accepts the truth that thinking can make or break you. Sometime ago I told my uncle, “Sorry I didn’t call because I thought you had traveled”.

He replied me, “Stop thinking”

Is there a time to stop thinking?

I have had several other experiences with people telling me to stop thinking but do it.

It leaves me asking, must I do it before I think it?

I have discovered that thinking could be presumptuous and needs verifying means to make it authentic and realistic. Also if you want to be a great thinker, you first need to become a good thinker. To become a good thinker you need to be a thinker in the first place. In order to become a thinker, you need to be willing to first produce a bunch of mediocre and downright bad ideas. I know a friend I always laughed at for producing dump ideas who today is never excluded in management meetings.

Let me share with you some thinking skills that have improved my personal and work life.

Questioning popular thinking: Common thinking is killing ideas and innovations faster than the deadly HIV/AID’s virus today. Because a thinking is popular doesn’t mean it will yield great results. You must reject the limitation of common thinking to accomplish uncommon results.

Shared thinking: Only people who leverage others brain achieve landmark breakthroughs. I have discovered that shared thinking requires the inclusion of the head of others to help you think over your head and achieve compounding results.

Focused thinking: I always wonder how people want to think with all the distractions and mental clusters around.

Creative thinking: People with creative thinking never carry CV’s to look for jobs. They explore ideas and options to experience a breakthrough.

Strategic thinking: Very few people create the experience of strategic thinking. You need to be on a look out for these people. They implement plans that give direction for today while increasing their potential for tomorrow.

I don’t know about you but many people take thinking for granted because they see it as a natural function of life. Personally I don’t  because I think intentionally. You must decide to think intentionally today for that desired change to happen. 

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