May 27 is traditionally the Children’s Day in Nigeria. Although the observation was first established by the United Nations in 1964, the day remains important in the lives of many Nigerian kids. This day is dedicated to celebrate “childhood”, it is on this day that tribute is paid to all children in Nigeria. Children are loved and appreciated by all. They win over our hearts with their angelic eyes and innocent smiles.On this day every year, children are granted a holiday and several social activities are centered on them. While not taking learnings from their class on this day, most kids converge at stadiums and centers to commemorate the event. It has also become the habit of some government officials and media organizations to honor some children with leadership opportunities. In some cases, example in Lagos State, a child was allowed to seat as a governor for one day- May 27th. In other instance like in certain radio and TV stations children are allowed to feature as broadcasters or On Air Personalities (OAP) letting them anchor their programs for the early part of the day. There is no doubt about the fact that children make up a significant statistics in the population of Nigeria. Information from UNICEF as at 2018 states that Over 7 million childbirths occur in Nigeria annually. This shows how important they are in Nigeria’s national statistics. For this, good parenting is a necessity. The Children day is a good avenue for parents to also reflect on their parenting skills. This Children day, YAF with representative form over 53 other CSOs in Akwa Ibom state is advocating for the AKYDF Bill. It is a sure foot path that will foster a bright future for the present youth and by extension the children that are put to birth daily. The Akwa Ibom Youth Development Fund bill is just one avenue Youth Alive Foundation is showing support for the young generation, the presence of Integrity Clubs that instill Civic values for good citizenry is another facet of a clearly mapped vision for children. It is in our belief that they will grow to become not just leaders of tomorrow but Integrity minded individuals. We join voices to celebrate with the over seven million of them.

Happy Children’s day.

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