In strengthening the relationship, bringing partners up to date with the current trend on the Y-PAC project, the second day of the capacity building…was relevant. The day opened with Justina Iji- (Partnership Officer at YAF) welcoming participants and asking for a recap of day 1, the participants gave impressive individual recap from the day one indicating a satisfactory understanding of the exercise thus far, they were excited to share the types of corruption, the corruption perception index and a lot more that was discussed on the first day.

Dr Udy Okon the Executive director YAF opened the presentation for the day shortly after Mr. Aaron the programs Officer reviewed the grand rules. Dr Udy who used her session to stress the importance of Behavioral Insights and engaging citizens in anti-corruption through social norms.

Nigeria social Norms and Behavioral Change, it was a very engaging session as participants shared experiences on corruption as a social norm, it was good to know that participants had unique experiences peculiar to their states.

The Senior Programs Officer- Peace Eno then took a very engaging session on Social Behavior Change Communication, she spoke on strategies for communicating social change with participants also sharing unique experiences to buttress the subject.

Mr Aaron did a very detailed presentation on public awareness campaigns for behavioral change.

He highlighted the process of identifying issues, audience, messages, and evaluation, the participants were then grouped into states and tasked to develop public awareness campaign plans to address corruption related issues for which;

Lagos- Demands for gratification before program/Project execution.

Kano- Recruitment of Teachers

Rivers -The cause of black soothe

Uyo- Multiple levies on Transporters

FCT- Examination Malpractices in Schools

The issues were cross examined and commitment to improvement on the issues were obtained from all the states.

Mr Samson Doma then rounded off the day 2 exercise by taking a session on monitoring and evaluation, he explained terminologies and result measuring on project execution, he went further to discuss goals, objectives, outcomes, outputs, activities, inputs and indicators.

The day 2 training came to an end to resume again on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

YAF is committed in creating an enabling society that fosters the growth of youths through programming that ensures impact on behavioral change for countrywide development. The Y-PAC project is one of such visions

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