Call for Consultants for Knowledge, Attitudes and Practiced Behavior (KAPB) Survey


YAF is implementing a project under the DFID NIGERIA’S ANTI-CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA (ACORN) PROGRAMME. The project is a behavior change intervention targeting social norms aimed at Strengthening Youths’ Participation in the Fight against Corruption (Y-PAC). Y-PAC seeks to engage youths to become active advocates in the fight against corruption by mobilizing youth groups nationally through capacity building, social marketing/behavior change communication and civic engagement activities.

Corruption is a destructive and complex practice that is openly acknowledged in Nigeria, yet it remains ubiquitous in the functioning of society and economic life. Nigeria has sought to tackle corruption through ‘traditional’ legal and governance-based measures. This focus on transparency and legal sanctions is critically important, but innovative and complementary approaches that targets citizens are needed to foster a comprehensive shift in attitudes to corruption at all levels of society.

The National Population Commission (NPoC, 2013) states that about half of the population is made up of youths which represents a significant part of the population, young people tend to be more vulnerable to corruption, as they are involved in almost every aspect of society – as students, pupils, workers, customers and citizens, (Transparency International 2009). Against this backdrop, youths can play a pivotal role in the fight against corruption. They tend to be more open to wide-scale socio-political transformation and have less vested interested in maintaining the status quo (Transparency International 2009). Youths are an integral element for the success of a cultural change in attitudes and behavior towards corruption and in the shaping of the values of tomorrow, since they represent the future. History demonstrates that when young people rise up to fight an unjust and corrupt system change happens. YAF seeks to strengthen youths’ participation against corruption by engaging youths to become effective and active advocates.

A major gap in evidence is that there is no data on youth behavior and attitude towards corruption in Nigeria. Without this information, interventions targeting youths may not be effective. This project proposes to bridge this gap by conducting a KAPB survey so that interventions are evidence based for better impact.

This call seeks the services of consultants from Lagos, Kano, Rivers states and Abuja or a team of consultants to carry out a KAPB survey, on youths and corruption in these four locations. The result of which will serve as a backbone to evidence-based programming, informing Y-PAC project of changes at critical stages over the life time of the project. The survey will also be linked to the monitoring and evaluation system serving both as a baseline and means to capture progress and impact. The survey will also be extensively disseminated which will trigger public discussions on transparency, accountability, and corruption.

2.     Objectives

The KAPB survey objectives are:

  1. To assess knowledge, attitude, perceptions & practiced behavior of youths as it relates to corruption in Nigeria.
  2. To identify the factors that inhibits their active participation in the anti-corruption fight besides curating information.
  3. To ascertain their level of knowledge about corruption and its attendant consequences on the economy, growth, society and on them as individuals.
  4. To probe youths actual experience of corruption at the household and society levels.
  5. To assess the impact and an influence of social norms on all of the above.

3.     Methodology

The KAP survey will employ both quantitative and qualitative methods using questionnaires and focus group discussions. Data collection will be conducted in 4 locations: Lagos, Kano, Rivers states and Abuja.  Total sample size is 3000, age bracket of research targets is 18-35 years of which a minimum 30% will be female youths, inclusive of youths with disabilities.

4.     Scope of Work

The consultants will familiarize him/herself with the project’s proposal including its results and indicators and will in-close coordination with the Y-PAC project team undertake a baseline KAP surveys for each of the target areas, and is expected to carry out the following works:

  • Identify a set of variables for behavior change based on the project indicators
  • Based on key variables, develop survey questionnaire to be discussed with the Y-PAC Central Planning Committee (CPC).
  • Determine a sample size for each location and sampling technique, layout of hard copy of the survey and methodologies for undertaking both qualitative and quantitative study alongside Y-PAC project team. The consultants will ensure that its design allows for using it for subsequent mid-term and final surveys.
  • Implement the survey among the project target groups which will include male, female and people with disabilities
  • Train enumerators, data collectors (for data quality assurance) and data encoders.
  • Pilot test and finalize the questionnaires and guide  for qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Data collection, collation and entry via a standard statistical software.
  • Ensure overall data quality assurance through a system that is reflected throughout the data collection and collation process
  • Analyze the data and produce a report in which the methodology and data processing is determined upon the agreement between the consultant and Y-PAC CPC.

·         During the assignment the consultants will give regular briefings as needed on progress of work.

5.     Deliverables:

The specific outputs will be:

  • List of survey variables and final set of pilot tested questionnaires for quantitative study and guide questions for qualitative study.
  • Training Manual and Report (and presentation) on the training of the survey.
  • Hard and e-copy of the Final Report (and presentation) on survey data and analysis within an agreed upon timeline.
  • All hard copies of completed surveys.
  • Electronic files of photos taken during data collection,
  • A power point presentation on the results of the survey submitted

6.     Budget and Payment Schedule

30% of fee payable upon signing of contract.
30% of fee payable upon validation of tool and data collection plan by Y-PAC Consortia.
40% of fee payable upon submissions and approval of final report.

YAF will cover and arrange:
Training of interviewers and data collectors and pay for return flights to training locations from consultant’s home, and costs for accommodation at study sites.

The consultant will be responsible for associated survey costs including transportation to survey sites, printing/duplication etc and for covering their own food and beverage costs (when not included with accommodation).

7.     Selection Criteria:

Candidates will be assessed on cost and technical capacity. The candidates will be scored on 6 criteria (outlined below) this score will be weighted at 70%, the fees associated with the work will be weighted at 30%.

  1. Submission of the following documents: Cover letter explaining interest in the role, sample of previous work, budget of estimated costs, CV of team members.
  2. Proven technical understanding of behavior change interventions and the anti-corruption sector programming (either through CV or sample of previous work)
  3. Availability in October -November 2017 and ability to deliver according to timelines
  4. Proven technical capacity in KAP surveys
  5. Experience in conducting research in the target locations
  6. Budget

8.     Consultant’s experience and competencies 

The consultant team or individual consultants should have the experience of conducting similar survey work and analysis. The consultant shall provide a mix of skills and expertise.

Principal consultant/ team lead:

  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience with research, surveys which includes leading a team of investigators.
  • Preferably Master’s degree or higher in social sciences, statistic or other related subject.
  • Broad experience in survey fieldwork and producing study reports, as well as supervising & training enumerators in data collection, validation and entry
  • Experience in transfer of knowledge through participatory approaches in training
  • Previous experience working in atleast 2 of the 4 locations will be a plus factor
  • Extensive theoretical and practical experience of behavior change interventions in Nigeria.
  • A good understanding of the anti-corruption context in Nigeria and the political economy that impacts the sector.
  • Ability to submit a concise and well written analytical report on the results of the surveys in English

Individual consultants (Kano, Lagos, Rivers states and Abuja):

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience with surveys, awareness raising on related subject
  • Ability to work with youths and a diverse team
  • Willing to travel for meetings with team lead and to study locations
  • Experience with transfer of knowledge, participatory approaches and/or facilitation
  • Previous experience working in any of the 4 locations.
  • A good understanding of the anti-corruption context in Nigeria and the political economy that impacts the sector.

·         Previous experience in KAP surveys on this or related topics is considered an advantage.

Consultant Teams

For team applications, the lead consultant should meet the experiences and competencies outlined Principal Investigator and team members should have the qualifications outlined for individual consultants with experience working in the targeted locations.

9.     Duration and timing 

The consultant is expected to commence the services at the beginning of October 2017 and the assignment will be carried out over the period of 8 weeks from the date of commencement to end on 24th November 2017.

 Activity Description  Duration Date Due Responsible Party
 Reviewing project documents (project proposal, log frame, TOC) and other related documents 2 days 4th Oct, 2017 Consultants
Developing survey tools, selecting survey approaches.2 days6th Oct, 2017Consultants
Training with Y-PAC staff and data collectors on the tools and approach including pilot testing and finalizing of survey questionnaires2 days9th Oct, 2017Consultants
Data collection in the 4 locations to run concurrently21 days30th Oct, 2017YAF/CITAD/SDIC
Data entry and analyzing collected data10 days4th Oct, 2017Consultants
Preparation of draft report7 days10th Nov, 2017Consultant
Presentation of report to YAF, ACORN SRO and relevant partners for comments.1 day13th Nov, 2017Consultants
Finalizing the report and getting it print ready.3 days17th Nov, 2017Consultants/YAF
Producing Hard copies of report7 Days24th Nov, 2017YAF


Interested candidates who meet the above requirements should send their applications by email to [email protected] (please use subject headings: Ref: KAPB Survey- Lead Consultant or KAPB Survey- Consultant, (location) or KAPB Survey -Team) with the following:

  1. An Expression of Interest in the form of a letter outlining your relevant experience and suitability for the consultancy; and that of your team where applicable.
  2. An example of published quantitative or qualitative survey on a related topic in which you were the primary lead in developing and implementing the research; or for individual consultants, evidence of having worked with a team of researchers.
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. Expected fee (expressed as a daily rate); Please note the timeline outlined in section 9 and fees should be services offered by consultants.
  5. Names and contact details of two references.

Reference & background checks will be performed for successful candidates 

Deadline for applications: Monday 25th September 2017, 11.59pm.

If you have any questions related to this consultancy assignment please contact Senior Programs Officer Usen Asanga: [email protected].

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