Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) is a non-profit youth organization that seeks to redefine the role and contribution of the Nigerian youth in the governance and development processes of the country. We create dialogues, activities and processes that will engage, enlighten and empower youths for a sustainable future. YAF together with Center for information and technology Development and Social Action is implementing The Strengthening Youth Participation in the fight against corruption Project (YPAC) in Nigeria.

The Strengthening Youth Participation in the fight against corruption Project (YPAC) is a DFID funded project that has the goal of engaging youths to become active advocates in the fight against corruption by mobilizing youth groups nationally through capacity building, social marketing/behavior change communication and civic engagement activities.

The purpose of this call is to acquire the services of a qualified firm to develop and design a youth focused anti-corruption portal for the YPAC project.


Create Y-PAC’s web portal and mobile application with different levels of users’ access.


  • Development of Y-PAC’s web portal consisting of several sections which will:
  • Contribute to effective information exchange and communication between advocates, members, partners, grant recipients, and various stakeholders in support of the fight against corruption.
  • Contribute to capacity building of activists, project employees of implementing partner organizations.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and data between portal users.
  • User content driven interface

 The portal should be developed and available for viewing on desktop computers and mobile devices (Android, IOS).

Specific tasks for developer

  • Based on corporate style and desired functions of web-portal and the possibility of their implementation, present at least three design versions of the web-portal.
  • Develop Y-PAC web portal (design, web-base, control panel).
  • Develop an administrator guide and a user guide for employees.
  • Place a portal on Y-PAC hosting.
  • One year of technical support after final day of project.

Requirements to the applicant:

  • Experience in developing and creating websites / web portals that perform tasks similar to those as Y-PAC web portal need.
  • Portfolio for the development of corporate style with at least three examples.
  • Portfolio or provide links to at least 3 working web portals / websites developed by the applicant.
  • Good knowledge of English by the staff involved in the project implementation process.
  • Working (moderate) knowledge of Russian is an asset.

The developer will also work with Y-PAC project staff: Technical Support Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator.


The applicant will provide a proposal, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth here, to provide portal design, development and ongoing maintenance services to the YPAC project that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a project plan, including timeline, for the entire scope of work with input from internal team
  • Development of strategic plan for organizing content around experiences that inspire, inform and drive action.
  • Design of the web application to create a delightful and uncomplicated experience that includes (but is not limited to) the following features, elements and functionality:

Intuitive and Attractive Design

Clean, contemporary design and flow

Easy and intuitive navigation that does not require multiple clicks to reach a desired page

Mobile responsive web design

Balance between simplicity and relevant information

Support high-resolution media (images and video)

User-led experience- and interface that groups and presents information in a logical manner and requires no more than three levels of “scrolling” for the user to find desired information

Fast-loading pages designed with a balance of text and graphics such that each page loads in 5 seconds or less on the average computer

Content Management Strategy

An open-source content management system that is instinctive, easy to use, supports the features and functionality outlined below, and can be updated easily by the internal systems administrator (includes providing recommendations for non-proprietary CMS software)

Citizen-government conversation tool that encourages public officials to provide feedback on complaints, and highlight remedial action that has been taken and cases that have been resolved

A blog platform that provides ability for administrator to review and approve posts from guest writers

Social Media Integration

Social sharing tools that allow visitors to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. should be incorporated across the site

Social followership tools that encourage site visitors to engage with YAF on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Integration of social media feeds, (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest,) within the homepage and other key pages, including hashtag strategy

Social media API login functionality to make it easy for users to create accounts on the site

Customer Engagement Strategy

Interactive learning platform

Feedback push notification system

E-Success Stories signup- profiling success stories on how reporting had a specific impact, how people effectively resisted corruption, or made a difference in fighting it

Content hub for downloadable materials including but not limited to guides, brochures, maps, infographics, etc.

Contact us forms

News media hub

Other key requirements and considerations include:

Can display changing photographs and video content on the homepage and other landing pages

Has functionality to support slideshows and carousels

Displays correctly in all major browsers

Considers SEO as part of website design, development and maintenance

Utilizes best-in-class search functionality

Features a detailed site map in the footer

Employs analytics integration including visitor trends, page views, web traffic analysis, path analysis, entry and exit pages, length of stay, browsers, platforms, as well as gathering email, areas of interest and demographics information in a format that permits the YPAC project to maintain a single database of users and email each according to area of interest and profile

Design and CMS must allow for easy changes to site navigation, images, listings and overall content


  • Build the portal based on the approved design
  • Develop any and all templates needed for staff to easily update web content
  • Complete all other work necessary to develop and fully test the website
  • Conduct user testing prior to launch
  • Training: Provide CMS training to a minimum of three team members
  • One-year support: Provide one year of website support, CMS maintenance from the date the new website is live, including performance and load testing to ensure that the website meets predefined performance and load testing metrics
  • Long-term proposal: Provide a proposal for website support, CMS updates and maintenance as well as SEO beyond year one
  • Hosting recommendation: Provide suggestions on the best website hosting opportunity, either third-party or with your company


YAF is committed to selecting the most competitive offer. Our evaluation will be geared to identify those proposals that offer the best combination of expertise and value, considering the following:

  1. Understanding and provision of all items requested in the CFA
  2. Demonstrated prior experience developing and implementing strategic web applications
  3. Quality, creativity and relevance displayed in proposal and presentations.
  4. Suitability for project—current work load, staff size, references and a demonstrated effectiveness with similar projects
  5. Budget approach



Applications must be submitted by email with a reference “Y-PAC Portal Application” at [email protected]  copy [email protected]

Deadline for submission:  September 29th 2017 at 23:59.

All works must be performed and completed in the period from October 2nd to November 24th, 2017.

Applications should include:

·         Information about company background or CV for individuals;

·         Brief proposal with budget for Y-PAC’s web portal separately;

·         Portfolio with no less than three previous web application development.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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