10percent4youths: About Akwa Ibom Youth development Fund (AKYDF) Video Contest


Tell us how the #AKYDF Bill, a.k.a #10Percent4Youths will benefit you when passed into Law in 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Read the Info about #AKYDF below

Step 2: Make a Video (not more than 45 seconds)

Step 3: Upload on Instagram or Facebook 

Step 4: Use the hashtag #AKYDF4ME and #YAFNG, for your videos to be seen and assessed

Step 5: Sign the petition to get the bill passed on the homepage.

And you may walk away with a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Tell personal stories of what AKYDF will do for you through creative videos (could be comedy, drama, poetry, dance, or straight talk.)

Personalize the video by replacing ‘Me’ in #AKYDF4Me with your first name, an example AKYDF4Etim, AKYDF4Ann, at the end of the video.Get your winning game on now.

#10percent4youths is a campaign that seeks to address the problem of youth unemployment in the Niger Delta. Akwa Ibom state has heeded the call of the youths and there is a Bill in the House of Assembly which seeks to establish the Akwa Ibom Youth Development Fund (AKYDF) to provide funding for youth empowerment. Once established, youths will be able to get;

  • Money that will help youths start or expand their businesses and teach them business management skills.
  • Youths that require professional certification to get their dream jobs will get money to pay for it.
  • It will fund reorientation programs that will change the mindset of youths and motivate them to be job creators
  • The money will especially support youths who want to go into agriculture and technology businesses so our state will not depend  on oil money alone.
  • The Fund will also partner with private sector to provide at least 6 months work experience for youths who will receive monthly       allowances to enable them gain work experience and increase their chances of securing paid jobs

What is your personal story and how would AKYDF change your life?

Share your story through the #AKYDF4Me Instagram and Facebook video contest. Use your smart phone, camera and any other device available to you, we after creative videos of not more than 45 seconds it can be shorter.

Assessment of videos will be 50% based on the number of likes a video receives and 50% will be based on technical assessment of our team. The three most creative videos will be publicized across YAF’s online media, youtube channel and adverts for television. Videos can be produced in English, or Pidgin.

Contest Closes 30th April, 2017

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