International Tsunami Awareness Day 2019

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By Wisdom Hanson

I first learnt of TSUNAMI from the devastating impact it inflicted on March 2011 in Japan. Subsequently I have imagined the severity of a heavy quake accompanied with flood. An entire community could be swallowed in just few minutes. Victims like homeless, wounded, missing and the dead can leave bereaved ones to an indescribable feeling of despondency, fear and trauma from an entire progress, development and history watched off in minutes. Recently, relief works in the humanitarian sector deploy great strategies in disaster management. I am dazzled at the communication strategies that includes community and Engagement Accountability. Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) has also laid international best practice for defining programs that are need-based. While we hope for an earth with little or zero tremor, we need to consciously examine the human activity factors that readies the world for quakes. As often the case, we don’t know where next but precaution can save a lot of lives. I fall back on how a great communication can help us toll a preventive cause. It is world Tsunami Awareness day, Today November 2019 might just be the best day to start.

#BuildToLast #TsunamiDay


Wisdom Hanson is the Digital Media Coordinator at Youth Alive Foundation. As a passion driven individual, he is experienced in Strategic program communications using digital tools and has worked in a number of projects ranging from Agriculture, Education and Technology. He is currently working on a DFID funded project and communicates behavioral change.