DEFY Network- Defending & Empowering Female Youths

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A safe place for young women to share their experiences of sexual violence, harassment and assault and get support and encouragement. Let's break the Silence on Sexual harassment survivors. Rape must be brought to an end in Nigeria and it won't until we break the culture of silence and speak out against it. This cause will support our gender programming on the Strengthening Youth Participation Against Corruption Y-PAC Project. 

We are kicking at violence Against women, Sex4Grades and other worrisome issues that affects the female folks. Our Facebook group serves to build fortress for one another, gaining the needed support from experiences persons who will readily take up fights to protect & defend your rights. Join us.


Wisdom Hanson is the Digital Media Coordinator at Youth Alive Foundation. As a passion driven individual, he is experienced in Strategic program communications using digital tools and has worked in a number of projects ranging from Agriculture, Education and Technology. He is currently working on a DFID funded project and communicates behavioral change.