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#AKYDFBill Video Contest Extended to 15th May 2017

5/1/17, 9:01 AM3Posted In : Youth and Education

As a result of the second reading of the #AKYDFBill on 27th April 2017, the #AKYDFBill video contest is extended by 2 weeks.

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9/16/16, 1:25 PM3Posted In : Youth and Education

People can be so unbelievably cruel to others with disabilities, and what’s surprising is that some adults act with less sensitivity to their situations than a child who didn’t understand the situation or even know better would have acted! I went to the bank to get my BVN like everyone else, I assumed I would be attended to outside, in the car park as usual since I couldn’t navigate the entrance. Instead I was told their machi

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The Tyranny of Oil

5/27/15, 3:28 AM3Posted In : Youth and Environment

Oil! Quite simple it sounds.Just a three letter word,but it wields such telling powers that the rich and the poor,the mighty and the mightless, the big and the tiny,and even the good and the evil,put their trust in it.Of a truth,oil is a proud and arrogant commodity.See the power and prestige oil has conferred on Akwa Ibom State,a state which.........

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    The purpose of this call is to acquire the services of a qualified firm to develop and design a youth focused anti-corruption portal for the YPAC project.
  • KAPB Consultants

    This call seeks the services of consultants from Lagos, Kano, Rivers states and Abuja or a team of consultants to carry out a KAPB survey, on youths and corruption in these four locations.

    YAF has been awarded a grant by DFID Nigeria for a five year grant on the DFID NIGERIA ANTI-CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA (ACORN) PROGRAMME.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP: 002 Call for Proposals for the Development of a Digital Mobile Game

The goal of the project for which proposals are being sought is the strengthening of youth participation in governance through digital gaming. The project is supported by the Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) Project’s Innovation and Spread the Word Fund (ISWF), funded by USAID.

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Entrepreneurial Me

The issue of Career Guide and Counselling, because of its importance, has always remained an integral part of any educational system. The Nigeria’s setting is not an exception. Hence, the sustained interest and concern it usually generates among students, would-be students and others who are wary of their future. Often times in choosing a career, students and would-be students could be influenced by.........

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The challenges of growing youth employment rate is alarming increasing with latest jobless figures showing that 12.6 percent of young people or some 75 million youths are out of work. The need for increased investments in youths is paramount especially in Africa where .......

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